How to Stay on Pace in the New York City Marathon (Even When Your GPS Doesn't) –

Your GPS watch will lose its signal during the New York City Marathon. Here’s how to bypass it and know your true pace. Picture this: It’s race day in New York, and you’re just coming off the Verrazzano Bridge. As you pass the second mile marker you hear the beep of your GPS watch and glance down to find you’re right on pace. Perfect. You’re feeling good. As you start to approach the third mile marker, beep, your GPS notifies you just hit three miles, still pacing perfectly. Five seconds later

The 4 Things You Must Do Next Week to Prepare Yourself for Broad Street

The 4 Things You Must Do Next Week to Prepare Yourself for Broad Street Each week leading up to the Broad Street Run on May 5th, local running coach Cory Smith shares his training tips and tricks for the epic 10-miler. Here are some of them. Running is not like studying for a test. There are no last minute workouts that will suddenly help you improve your endurance and drop minutes. Understanding this fact will help you avoid making mistakes as you enter what might be the most important (and f

Should You Train on Hills Even if the Broad Street Course is Mostly Downhill?

Should You Train on Hills Even if the Broad Street Course is Mostly Downhill? Each week leading up to the Broad Street Run on May 5th, local running coach Cory Smith shares his training tips and tricks for the epic 10-miler. Here are some of them. If you want to set a 10-mile personal record, there’s no doubt the Blue Cross Broad Street Run is the best race for which to sign up. With a net downhill and no sharp corners to break your stride, the 10-mile course through Philadelphia is the perfec

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Rest Day While Training for a Marathon

Marathon training is exhausting — both physically and mentally. Month after month, you’re focused on one thing only: running. Weekend long runs start to become a chore and cutting the dark cold morning runs one mile short for an extra 10 minutes of sleep becomes more attractive.  When the monotony of marathon training starts wearing on you, the best thing you can do is take a little vacation from running by doing a non-running activity. Here are a few options to help get your mind away from mara

3 Race-Specific Workouts That'll Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon Faster

With a little over six weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon, it’s important that the majority of your workouts are specific to the demands of the marathon. This means increasing your ability to ward off fatigue to avoid a late-race fade. Ready to complete the race feeling strong? Here are a few workouts you can do that’ll help you finish the marathon faster. Before you run off to get started, please note that these workouts are volume-based. Meaning: Accumulating repetitions is more important

This Eight-Week Training Plan Will Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon

This Sunday will mark eight weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon and odds are, if you’re reading this, you’ve fallen behind in your training. If that’s true, I’ve got good and bad news for you. The good news is that it is possible to train for a marathon in just eight weeks. The bad news is I suggest foregoing any finish time goals to focus on running at a pace at which you’ll enjoy running through the streets of our beautiful city. The harsh truth is there’s no faking your way to a fast marat

10 Things You Need to Know Before the Broad Street Run

This post was originally published in April of 2015. Now that your training is pretty much done, it’s time to focus on race day, because a little planning ahead pays off big time come the big day. That’s why we asked the Run215 community: What are the top ten things every runner needs to know before running Broad Street? Below, see what your fellow Philly runners had to say — and then prepare yourself for all the big crowds and endorphin-powered vibes on race day. 1. Get there early and be pr

The Procrastinator's Guide to Training for the Broad Street Run in Under a Month

If you’re reading, I’m going to assume you’ve found yourself with less than a month until the Broad Street Run on May 6 — and way behind in your training. It’s okay — life gets busy sometimes, and long runs that you kept meaning to reschedule never found a home on your calendar. It happens. It’s not a complete lost cause to start your training now — though I do suggest adjusting your expectations to “I just want to finish the ten-mile run.” If you’re cool with that, here’s a few tips that’ll he

How to Run Broad Street Faster This Year Than You Ever Have Before

Let’s face it, while hopefully we all run because we enjoy it and it feels good, we also run to get faster. And while it’s perfectly fine to have your only goal be to cross the Broad Street Run finish line in one piece, for those who have run it year after year, we know what you’re thinking: Will this be the year I PR? But becoming a faster runner doesn’t come without effort. To fully understand how to improve at running, it helps to understand a little about the science behind athletic improve

Your Broad Street Run Plan to Train for a 10-Miler in 10 Weeks

If you’re reading this, that means you’re one of the lucky ones — those who got the email telling them they’d made it into this year’s Broad Street Run. Hooray! But once the euphoria passes, reality sets in: Now you actually have to train for that ten-mile race. The good news is, if you’re starting now, you’ve got a full ten weeks between you and the finish line. And You. Can. Do. It. While you may think that your success on race day is totally reliant on how many miles you log between now and

8 Last-Minute Things to Remember Before the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday

After months of training, race week is finally here. At this point, all the work is done and it’s time to reap the rewards of months of hard work. Below, eight final things to keep in mind to increase your chances of race-day success. Most importantly, remember to have fun. It’s totally normal to feel nervous going into a big race — especially if you are a first-time marathoner. Reflect on your training; if you put in the miles and hard work long before Sunday, you’re well-equipped to tackle th

4 Common Marathon Obstacles Runners Hit (And How to Tackle Them)

Planning for a perfect marathon isn’t an easy process. Odds are, you’ve spent months of planning and hard physical training to get ready for race day, hoping for your best one yet. But as the old saying goes, “Hope isn’t a strategy.” Have a plan for everything, even the unexpected. Here are four common obstacles you could encounter and how to tackle them. 1. Getting poor sleep the night before the race. One of the most common obstacles any runner has leading up to a big race is trouble fallin

Marathon Training: 3 Things NOT to Do During Taper Time

Congrats! You made it to the taper, the winding-down period that typically comes three weeks out from race day. After months of hard training, odds are you’ve been looking forward to the taper. Your longest run was most likely this past weekend, and now it’s easy going from here on in. Or, er, is it? In some ways, the last three weeks leading up to the marathon is the most important window of training time — not because it’s the time to gain fitness, but rather because it’s when you can lose it

Use These Two Mental Strategies to Power Through a Tough Race, Says a Philly Running Coach

No matter how many miles you log preparing, there’s no escaping that point in the race when your breathing becomes more difficult, your legs feel heavier, and your ability to keep pace feels, well, completely out of reach. Slowing down seems inevitable — but it doesn’t have to be. What you choose to do in this moment is completely within your control. For most, the goal of training is to develop the cardiovascular and muscular systems in preparation for the physical demands of running. However,

Broad Street Run Training: How to Nail Down a (Realistic) Goal Race Pace

Running coach Cory Smith outlines how to narrow in on a realistic goal pace. Odds are, at this point in your Broad Street training you’ve landed upon a finishing time goal. There’s also a good chance your goal has varied based on your daily training. On good days you may think, “I’m feeling so good. I’m going to crush that goal!” While after a rough training run, thoughts of doubt creep into your head. Deciding on a goal race pace can seem much like an intimidating guessing game where, if you

Follow These 2 Simple Rules to Become a Better Runner

Neither of them involves running more than you already do. At face value, running seems like a very simple sport. All you need is a pair of shoes and the will to exhaust yourself and that’s it: You’re a runner. At the beginning, getting better is pretty simple, right? Just keep running. For the most part, the more you run, the better you’ll become. However, at some point, the novelty of being a beginner wears off and you may find yourself struggling to improve. Then you’ll probably spend hours

Training for Broad Street? Here's the One Thing Every New Runner Does Wrong

Running coach Cory Smith explains why you should slow the heck down. Hint: It will make you a better runner — really! Remember the old saying, “Slow and steady wins the race?” Well, when it comes to running, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. I mean, it’s true the faster runner will usually win the race — however, when it comes to day-in-day-out training, “slow and steady wins the race” is dead-on, and I’m about to explain why. One of the biggest mistakes most beginners — and perhaps mo

Marathon Training: Your Cheat Sheet to Prep for a Successful Race Day

My high school coach, Jim McCoach (Yes that was his name, Coach McCoach. No doubt he was born to be a coach) would always say right before a big race, “The work is in the bank guys. You can only hurt your chances now so don’t do anything stupid.” Coach McCoach was spot on. There’s no last-minute cramming in running. Either you’ve put in the work or you haven’t. Now, it’s time to assess your fitness level and set a realistic goal. And if training has gone accordingly, its time to enjoy the benef
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